How to Effectively Clean Kitchen Countertops

kitchen-countertopsWhat is the most important features in your kitchen that you often use it for various purposes? Before you can give any answer, chances have it that it must be the kitchen countertops. Maintaining this item is not hard if you already have the prerequisite of cleaning it. For those who are not lucky enough to have a clue or maybe they have not yet installed one in their kitchen, they should not wander in despair because they are going to learn about that shortly. When it comes to butcher block maintenance, homeowners must be very cautious when cleaning it. In most cases, they are, usually, made from wood as the main top where one can chop food on. To clean it the correct way, take a look below; butcher block maintenance, homeowners must be very cautious when cleaning it. In most cases, they are, usually, made from wood as the main top where one can chop food on. To clean it the correct way, take a look below;

Reason for Cleaning Countertops

Wood is one type of material that can be considered to be great when it comes to absorption. Imagine a situation whereby you are done with the chopping board then you return it back to storage without cleaning. Bacteria can conveniently live in these boards for weeks before you think about using it. When you fail to clean out the leftovers from food and vegetables after using the butcher block you can risk your health and that of the family. The porous property of the wooden part makes it easy for dirt to hide in it. To safeguard yourself and the family, every time you are through with the countertop it should be cleaned.

How to Clean Wooden Countertops

Most homeowners are known to use day to day kitchen detergent to clear the dirt out. This is the right way as long as if there is a cut within the wooden part, make sure to use a sharp item like a knife to get rid of hidden dirt. On the other hand, to be certain that the countertop is free from bacteria and another organism, a solution of water and a bleach is necessary. A glass of water together with one spoonful of any recommended bleach is good.

Maintaining Wooden Countertops that Have Finishing

There exist kitchen countertops which have been enhanced by a special finishing to give it a nice or aesthetic look rather. If you are not careful, you may end up damaging the finish if you clean it the wrong way. Homeowners with such butcher block should use the correct maintenance method. There is a mineral oil that is applied in countertops meant for cutting food. It acts as a shield for the finishing. A non-toxic type of oil must be applied to the surface at least once in a month to maintain the finishing.

It is important to mention that oil used with vegetables should never be used as an agent of maintaining the finishing. It may convert to rancid which is undesirable. All in all, using the non-toxic oil is not tough. All that you need is just a soft cloth. Smear some oil on the finish and wait for some few minutes. Thereafter, wipe for some time until most of the oils are washed away. For the remnants, let the countertop stay or about three hours then wipe out again.

Best Cat Toys

cat-toysIt is only natural that cats love playing. Hardly will you come across a dull cat and one that does not like games. If you are a cat lover and have one as a pet, then you will require buying best toys for them (check out amazon for a good selection). This is to ensure that they are always kept cheerful and in the best mood.

The market has a great deal of things that your pet cat can play with. Well, choosing a cat toy basically depends on your taste and preference. There are cat toys that will work perfectly for your pet while others may give them a hard time playing. In this regard, you should select a cat toy that is best for your pet.

Here are some of the best cat toys you should opt for:

Interactive Toys

One thing you will realize about cats is that they are always chasing things. They love moving around after things especially tail-like objects. In this regard, you can get an interactive toy that challenges your cat to chase around. The toy will work ideally in enhancing your cat’s hunting techniques.

Feathered Mice

Needless to say, the natural food for cats is mice and rats. In this regard, a toy that resembles either of them will work best. It would be even better if you chose a mouse toy that moves around. In other words, the mice toy should attract the attention of your cat completely.

Scratchy Boxes

It is only natural that cats love scratching their craws on things especially after a nap. Well, this should help you get a matching toy for your cat. The market has a great deal of scratching boxes for your cat. You can get one of high quality such that the cat does not denature it fast. You can be assured that your cat will remain busy for long when playing around with scratch boxes.

Best And Easy Meals

spaghettiAt time it gets hectic to cook heavy meals, right? Perhaps your wife is on a business trip away and you want to take breakfast at home. It leaves you with no choice other than prepare a very quick meal for yourself. Fortunately, there is a great deal of quick recipes you can implement and get the best breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Here are some of the best recipes you can prepare in a flash and enjoy:


These are simply Spaghetti-like rolls. They are one of the foodstuffs which can be cooked in a remarkably short time. In fact, it will take you only 4 minutes to have noodles prepared. All you need is to boil little water and deep the noodles in it. Allow it to cook for only three minutes and take it with chilies and tomato sauce. You can be assured that the meal is indeed great.


This is yet another easy-to-cook meal. It actually works best for both lunch and dinner. Spaghetti is slightly close to noodles only that they come in straight thin bars. First, you will require breaking spaghetti bars into smaller sizes. You will then boil them for at least ten minutes and your meal will be ready. You can take spaghetti with raw tomatoes or better still chili sauce.

Yoghurt Crunch Pudding

If you thought that everything is all about cooking and preparing complex recipes, then that is never the case. You can simply prepare a mixture of fruit pudding and yoghurt. You can get strawberries or even avocados and make a perfect blend with yoghurt. You can be assured that the meal will be just perfect for breakfast.

Chocolate Cake

It will take you a remarkably short time to prepare a chocolate cake. The process of doing so is not complicated at all. It is only a matter of following simple steps and everything will be ready in 5 minutes.

Netflix Vs Hulu

Watching videos online is one of the major activities that people love. In fact, the largest percentage of surfers looks for best video sharing sites every day. Netflix and Hulu are some of the re-known online video hubs. With the two, you can enjoy watching any video you want from the comfort of your home. In fact, you can project the images on a big screen for a better view.

However, there are several distinguishing clear cuts between Netflix and Hulu. The differences lie in feature of video watching. In this regard, it would be best to avoid relying on the assumption that the two are similar. Be sure to compare both Netflix and Hulu to ascertain which is indeed that best.

Here is a comparison of the two.


Hulu usually charges $10 per month. With that price, you will be in a position to access all episodes including those of the latest ones. You will also have the privilege of enjoying major television networks including NBC, Fox among others.

On the other hand, Netflix is a little cheaper than Hulu. They charge $9 per month. This means that you will save a dollar once you opt for Netflix over Hulu. However, you may not enjoy watching the current episodes to the latter. Some of the episodes are only available in DVD/Blue Ray.


One thing you will certainly like about Netflix is that it has a very large library of movies and television shows. In fact, it is said that Netflix has more than 20000 titles of programs and movies. This means that you can hardly exhaust the content in Netflix.

On the other hand, Hulu has a smaller library of movies and television programs. Actually, Hulu only has approximately 2000 television episodes and movies. In this regard, it might be somehow limiting to deal with Hulu.